Sunday Supper- Pick up Sunday 6th ONLY 1pm-5pm

Sunday Supper- Pick up Sunday 6th ONLY 1pm-5pm

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Let's get cozy. 

It's the season for sweaters, mulled wine, and roasted meats with polenta. It's time for warmed brandies, thick duvets, and wool slippers. 

It's the moment for a Sunday Supper. Pre-order, then pick up in the shop between 1pm-5pm, and have something warm and wonderful for dinner, without any of the work! 

Canederli are bread dumplings found in the northern Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy. A good way to use up stale bread, the canederli are flavoured with Alpine ingredients such as speck (a local cured meat) and cheese and are best served in a warming brodo or tossed in brown butter with crispy sage. The perfect comfort food for a winter's day.

  • 2 large canederli per person with a healthy portion of broth
  • Chicory salad 
  • Selection of house pickles 
  • Olive oil and parmigiano 
  • Housemade sourdough
  • Chocolate buckwheat cake

Recommended Wine Pairing:

Scala Bianco

This white comes from the Calabria region of Italy and is made from the Italian Greco Bianco varietal. Slight smoky tea notes, preserved lemon, ripe orchard fruit with a pleasant, creamy mouthfeel. The wine has an almost savoury quality with subtle white pepper notes which complement and bring another interesting layer of seasoning to the light brodo, while the hint of black tea flavour in the wine enhances the smokiness of the speck in the canederli. This white is on the fuller side, but has enough acidity to balance out the rich body of this dish.